Vermont Jeep Association Welcomes you!
  1. Island Pond 2015
Never  give up!
Vermont Jeep Association
Off-Road Sports Club
We are Vermont's finest Jeep association. We allow all types of 4x4 vehicles as long as they are registered and inspected (provided your registering state requires it). We do much of our Jeepin' on Vermont's class 4 roads, legal trails, and 4x4 trails. We also have private property we (or individuals within VJA manage) Jeep on.  We are family oriented. This means no drinking on our rides or other declared events (some events are non-driving and adult beverages are allowed). Our meetings are (normally) the third Friday of the month at The Charlmont in Morrisville. We are a member of the Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs Inc. This means you as a member of VJA can go to their riding events and ride!

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  1. Here you can find a copy of our by-laws to read. If you intend to join VJA (Vermont Jeep Association) these are what govern us as a group. We are a non-profit.
  2. Companies we support
    Quadratec - The Jeep Parts Experts - Livin' the Jeep Life
  3. Our Board of Directors
    Our Board of Directors for 2017 Charleen: Treasurer, Ginger: Secretary, Christophe: Vice President, Harold: President
  4. 2017 registration form. If you intend to join or rejoin VJA (Vermont Jeep Association) you can download this form. Then bring it to a meeting. Rejoining, you can just send it in along with your dues.
Registration Form
Off-Road Fun For Everyone
Vermont Jeep Association