Vermont Jeep Association Welcomes you!
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Vermont Jeep Association
Off-Road Sports Club


We are Vermont's finest Jeep association 

We were organized in 2001. We are family oriented. We allow all types of 4x4 vehicles as long as they are registered, insured, and inspected (provided your registering state requires it). We do much of our Jeepin' on Vermont's class 4 roads, legal trails, and 4x4 trails (not to be confused with ATV trails). We also have private property we (or individuals within VJA manage) Jeep on. This means no drinking on our rides or other declared events (some events are non-driving and adult beverages are allowed). Our meetings are (normally) the third Friday of the month at The Charlmont in Morrisville. We are a member of the Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs Inc (NEA). This means a member of VJA can go to their riding events and ride! We provide landowner insurance if we ride on private property (with permission). This ensures any damage we might do to their property can be covered by insurance. It is not to cover personal vehicles. Dues are $50.00 per year and renewal is per our bylaws.

Rides we do

We all ride as much as we can. However, there are specific rides we always do. We ride in the Morrisville, VT parade annually. This is a very long parade. The kids fill pillow cases with candy. Bring 10lbs and be prepared to run out! We do a Father's day ride (Go Dads!). This is a fun ride for the whole family. To wrap up the season of Jeepin, we do a fall foliage ride. This will be one of the most scenic rides we do all year. We encourage the whole family to join us. We may and often do continue to ride after this. 

Who we are

Our association like so many others include people with diverse backgrounds. We have former and current military ( Thank you for your service ). Retired folks, medical, mechanics, disabled (wouldn't know it by how they drive on the trails), programmers, web designers, truckers, machinists, stay at home Moms and Dads,  college students, and so many others. As you can see we all love the Jeepin life. We are confident you can find a home with us. We have female Jeepers for those who were wondering. Often you will find us bringing friends, relatives, our kids, and spouses along. We are here to have a good time with folks who have a similiar interest.

Our website

We are still working on our website.  If you see something not here and it should be, just wait and it probably will make it. Like so many things in life our site will take time. We hope it turns out as great as our club is. Thank you for checking our website out.

Where we meet Every Third Friday of the month May-September @7pm, October is a Sat morning Meeting to vote on officers and if needed change Bylaws

Charlmont Restaurant
116 Vt Route 15 W, Morrisville, VT 05661
(802) 888-4242
Vermont Jeep Association